Educational work programs


Kindergarden kindergarten

Educational work programs

General objectives of the program

  • A Child at the centre of sport

Our goals in the field of physical development are: proper growth and development, preservation and strengthening of health, laying the foundations for proper growth and development of functional and motor skills, development of positive traits and habits, development of basic physical properties (strength, endurance, speed, agility, precision , balance, proper posture, correction of flat feet) and coordination.

  • A child at the centre of knowledge

Our goals in the field of cognitive development are: Understanding cause-and-effect relationships and relations, noticing and understanding phenomena in nature, developing awareness of relationships and reciprocities, creating opportunities and encouraging research and discovery activities.

  • A child at the centre of communication and creativity

Our goals are: developing and using speech as a means to establish and maintain interaction and as a means of expression, developing the ability to verbalize thoughts and feelings, using speech as a means of developing thought processes, enriching vocabulary, encouraging communication and dramatic expression.

  • A child at the centre of emotions

Our goals are: encouraging the expression of emotions, developing empathy, developing self-esteem, developing skills that contribute to successful socialization, understanding and adopting the elementary values necessary for life in the community.

  • A child in the centre of culture and art

Our goals are: encouraging the development of imagination and creativity, getting acquainted with cultural and artistic creations, developing a positive attitude towards the traditions and culture of other peoples, understanding the process of preserving the environment.

                                              Eco school

The international status of the Eco-school is a reward system at the local, state and international levels. The ecological model of upbringing and education and care for the preservation of the environment are the values that have been set as the foundation of upbringing, and the institutions that establish this program receive a charter on the status of the International Eco-School.
Today, this program is implemented in more than 52 countries around the world, and covers more than 12 million pupils and students


IPC - The American International Preschool Program offers a unique set of products and services that promote active learning and effective learning practices. Classes are held in English according to the IPC program and textbooks, and the entire process is monitored by an online team of academic experts from the most prestigious colleges in America. The program follows the age of three and our educators go through IPC training.