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My Kindergarten

        Why us and what is really important to us?

  • We are an international kindergarten that is at the very top of world standards in the field of preschool education. We include a professional team of associates and educators who, using modern methods, nurture and respect individuality and encourage the proper growth and development of each child. We strive to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with parents and we provide children with all the love and understanding necessary for a carefree stay in kindergarten. 

 Creating a preschool program

The basic starting point for creating a preschool program in addition to a comprehensive approach to the child with respect for developmental specifics and nurturing play as an authentic way of teaching children includes: 

01. Individualized approach - We start from the understanding that each child is unique with their own individual needs and developmental characteristics. We nurture and provide a safe, positive and pleasant social and physical environment in which we encourage the growth and development of every child.

02. Modern approach to the process of upbringing and education - We rely on modern concepts of understanding the importance of early stimulation of all developmental functions, as well as understanding that learning is a process of building knowledge through active methods: research, experimentation, manipulation, comparison, problem solving, role playing.

03. Cooperation with the family - With the family, which has a key role in the child's socialization, from the child's inclusion in the team we establish and build a partnership through daily communication and exchange of information, providing advice for better growth and development of the child, involving parents in kindergarten, and realization of creative and educational workshops.

04. Progress and development - We continuously improve the educational process through the evaluation and self-evaluation of our own work.