Preschool institution Kindergarden


Kindergarden kindergarten

Preschool institution Kindergarden

We are an international kindergarten that is at the very top of world standards in the field of preschool education. Kindergarden's team of professional associates and educators, by applying modern methods in the field of preschool education, nurtures and respects individuality and encourages the proper growth and development of each child.

Private preschool "Kindergarden" is located in the city center, near the Botanical Garden "Jevremovac". It spreads over 2000 m2, has a large yard equipped with a tartan floor, multifunctional devices and numerous props for free play.

The children's living space is safe and functional, equipped with adequate resources aimed at encouraging the overall development of children. The rooms are spacious and lit by daylight, providing and enabling free movement and play. In the ground floor of the building there is a fully equipped gym with the most modern props for physical activities (ripstool, kid, artificial rock, beams, etc.), a playroom with a maze for internal use, a theater stage for dramatic expression, space for educational activities and music workshops with Orff's instrumentarium, sensory tables to encourage the development of sensory perception. On the first and second floor there are spaces for educational work with children of kindergarten age, which are in accordance with all developmental needs and specifics of preschool children, a separate dining room for meals and a separate room for afternoon rest of children. On the third floor, where children of nursery age stay next to the living room and educational activities, bedrooms and dining rooms, there is a specially designed sensor-motor pool for swings, soft and customized equipment in which children are free to develop all skills with an emphasis on development. motor skills and stability.

We provide: individualized approach, modern approach to the process of upbringing and education, various programs of cooperation with the family, cooperation with the environment, state institutions, continuous professional development and monitoring of world trends in the field of education. The diversity of incentives for development and learning is provided by the contents of all programs that are implemented within the kindergarten.